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This is me

My name is Adrie Bos. And I like to make things nice, in- and around the house.

It is important to know what I can do for you, but more important is what I cannot stop doing. And I cannot stop myself to make and execute things in a nice way. That requires- next to craftsmanship- attention, care and a good sense for shape, style and colour. This is what I do through my career: in the fashion industry and since 2007 also in construction and house styling.


When you work with me, you work with a perfectionist, but I also make sure that you do not have to worry:

all the work is executed according the agreement, and I work clean and tidy, and the nuisance is limited . And last but least: beautiful is not always the same as expensive. There is always an acceptable solution for any budget.


Mijn specialiteiten zijn:

  • develop together with you a practical and beautiful solution for the renewal of your kitchen, bathroom, toilet and the renovation of your attic
  • colour-, light- and interior advice.
  • painting of walls, ceilings, doors, etc.
  • improve the outdoor area of your house: painting, placing of double glass (and keep the characteristics of the house!)


Curious? I love to have a meeting with you to discuss the possibilities and details.







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The way we work


I always take my time to help you make the right decisions to realize your dream house. That is why I like to sit with you to determine what is possible within the available budget. And I will be your partner to select the correct materials,  and colours. And if applicable: the selection of furniture.

You always receive a detailed price offer with all agreements, and details like the material selection. And the time frame!


This means that on forehand all is clear for all parties involved, and there are no disappointments after all.






customer satisfaction




stress less



Projects an ideas | KITCHEN |




"Adrie really helped us, because he listened very well to us, and translated our wishes into a kitchen that really matches our wishes.".


Faye de Bruijn, Utrecht



No cabinets above the kitchen counter but a a beautiful old wooden shelf
Marble is fantastic, also in the kitchen
Nice atmosphere: wood, concrete, white

"He gave us many tips about colours and materials. Without his advise the result would not have been that nice!"


fam Snoeck, Woerden

Black plumbing for a contemporary effect.
In a separation wall you can make a nice storage for towels
In the attic you can create a nice shower!

" Adrie recommended to use cheaper tiles, so we could buy custom made cupboards with wooden drawers. Splendid idea! "


Henk Meulenbroek, Soest



Projects an ideas | PAINTING |


A bright colour patch makes a big difference
A light grey wall creates immediately atmosphere

"Adrie Bos painted the outside of our 30ies house. Repaired rotting parts. We are enchanted with the results!"


fam. Strolenberg, Bilthoven



The right selection is crucial!

"We would never choose to paint our walls light grey, but in combination with off white doors and black door handles the result is really great!"


fam. De Beukelaar, Hilversum



Projects an ideas | TOILET |




Short modern toilet of 42 cm depth only. Creates space
Mat painted plywood wall with “ build-in” toilet roll holder
All white with natural stone rear wall.

"Adrie Bos renovated our toilet within a week and the result is great!"


Annemiek Theunisse, Amsterdam



Projects an ideas | INTERIOR INPIRATION |




Heavy copper pipes, bended and soldered. Heating and warm towels!
Then: two rocks in Italy Now: two pendants for towels

Adrie Bos

Burg. Timmermanslaan 35


06 - 54 66 04 95